Lauren is a yoga instructor certified at Stanton Street Yoga on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga. She went on to study alignment with Alison West at Yoga Union in Manhattan and prenatal yoga with Juliana Mitchell at The Yoga Room in Queens. In her classes, Lauren seeks to create a safe and nurturing space for people to feel open to express and heal. Movement and breath are integrated in class in order to open the heart and connect to the deeper wisdom of the soul. Lauren also holds a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition from NYU. 

Lauren offers Yoga and Health Coaching in Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ as well as NYC. She offers a semi-private Prenatal Yoga class at Celebrate Life Studio in Hoboken, NJ. Please see the Group Classes, Private Sessions, and Events sections for full offerings.

Who is Mira?

The name Mira represents my highest expression--it is a name I gave myself to call on a way of being that most fully represents the true nature of my soul: eternal, blissful, and wise. It can be thought of as an alter-ego, but in fact it is my true self. In Sanscrit, the world "Mira" refers to water or the ocean; in Eastern Europe it means peace; in Arabic it is a name for a powerful female ruler. In the practice and services I am offering, I seek to embody my true essence and invite you to do the same.



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