Meeting the dark feminine:

A workshop exploring the potency of Chaos

Meeting the dark feminine:

A workshop exploring the potency of Chaos

with Lauren Hemley and Yael Shtainer 


Sunday, June 28, 2-5 PM EST

{This workshop is open to all genders}


Awaken the potent force within and connect with the strength, resilience and mystery of the Dark Feminine.


The dark feminine is known and revered throughout history as an aspect of the divine. A few ways to describe her include: the destructive and creative force, chaos, and the void- where all dissolves and is reborn.



The goddess Kali is one version of the dark feminine and is known for cutting through illusions and the false self in a fierce and relentless way.

Kali is asking us or even demands us to see through the veil and into the truth of our authentic self, inner knowing, and deep intuition; to speak and live our truth. 


What we see in the world right now seems like complete Chaos. Nothing 'makes sense’, there is no system, no formula.


At this moment we are entering an unpredictable phase. We are invited to trust in the wisdom of the dark feminine; to meet her in a place where she feels at home--Chaos.


From the depth of Her void, mystery, and chaos, there is an abundance of creative potential. This is where we are allowing the darkness of the cocoon to transform our inner world, and thereby outer world as well.


In this 3 hour workshop, we will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of connecting with the force of the dark feminine within. We will discuss the idea of embracing the Chaos and unknown as a necessary part of the cycle of creation and destruction, death and rebirth.



Things that we will do:

-Visualization and meditation on witnessing through the inner eye and conversing with deep wisdom

-Sharing in circle


-Experience embodiment of the dark feminine through movement and breath.

Some things to reflect on (before, during, after the workshop):

-Right now, what do you know as truth?

-When everything is falling, apart what is left?

-What seeds are you planting for the future (for yourself, your community, the planet…)?

Sunday, June 28 We will begin at 2 PM and end around 5 PM. There will be a short break.

This workshop is open to all genders.

Sliding scale $25-$55, please inquire if you would like to pay a lower amount. Venmo @laurenhemley or use the booking link to pay with credit card.

Private zoom link will be provided for those that RSVP. Your payment is your RSVP.

We ask that you bring with you an object from the earth and set up your space in a way that would allow you to move and play music.

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